5 Simple Ways To Control Hair Loss Due To Stress

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Perhaps stress is a modern phenomenon or perhaps it plagued our ancestors too, however with the rise in capitalism, fluctuations in the stock markets, rising costs, materialism, demanding careers and extensive academic courses, acute stress is now common in the young and old alike. It is difficult or nearly impossible to completely avoid stress though stress is only a knee jerk reaction to problems that can be solved otherwise. In medical terms, stress is simply the body’s way of reacting to a challenging situation so unfortunately we are genetically wired to respond to problems and negative conditions with stress. It is no secret that stress though natural has adverse effects on a person’s mental and physical health and among the many manifestations of stress; hair loss has been well studied and documented by researches and health professionals. The bad news is hair loss due to stress is a common medical disorder; however, the good news is, it can be easily reversed. Read further to know more about how stress and hair loss are related and how it can be prevented or cured.

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